Monday, August 26, 2013

Turbo 2013 Eng.PDVD.720p Torrent Download

Turbo (2013)

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Turbo torrent

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Year: 2013
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Director: David Soren
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson

Defense if her garden snail achieve maximum daily monster's dream: winning the Indy D.
Was not done in order to see this movie. Trailer and history does not click for me. However, by coincidence saw that movie. This film is about a dream tasting the Indy 500 champion How do you get power, how this started the race and in the end, what happens is a good trip to watch.Movie is short and stick to the story. The animation is very good. I thought Caracol is hero of the film from their point of view will be very slow, but it is not case.Story is acceptable for children, but lets the older ones too. This is a good movie watch 90 minutes. Nothing is better than a film. So it's just nice. I'm not wearing you.Overall Ratings: 6/10

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